Morrison Park

Lake Jackson, Texas

At the beautiful Morrison Park in Lake Jackson, Texas the Terry Jones Memorial Playground got some much needed upgrades.

“The play structure that we previously had in this location had long run its course,” Jeremy Bubnick, Parks and Recreation Director said. “It was still safe, but was an eyesore and was not nearly as dynamic and attractive as the new structure.”

Superior Recreational Products teamed with our SRP Certified Partner, Kraftsman Commercial Playgrounds, to design a dynamic play environment. This play area features a large play structure that can accommodate up to 110 children and Superior’s signature shaded swings.

Morrison Park is one of the city’s most visible and heavily used facilities. The playground was designed to fit in aesthetically with the natural beauty of the park.

“It was important to install an impressive playground at this location and I think we accomplished that,” Bubnick said.