Places of Worship Playground Equipment

Children learn and grow within faith-based organizations and worship centers. This enrichment can be brought outdoors through a playground area. We offer an extensive collection of church playgrounds to suit a wide range of needs – including playground size, budget, and equipment type. What’s more, adding a playground to your church, temple, or other place of worship can help you reach families around you.

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What To Look for In a Church Playground

When you’re considering playground equipment for a church, temple, or other place of worship, several factors should be taken into account to ensure the safety, engagement, and development of the students using it.

  • Line of Sight and Safety: Choose playground equipment that doesn’t hinder supervision so that caregivers have a clear line of sight across the playground.
  • Age-Appropriateness: Choose playground equipment for all ages so all children have an opportunity to play.
  • Accessibility & Inclusivity: Choose equipment that allows children of all ages and abilities to play together.
  • Maintenance: Choose equipment (like ours) made from high-quality, durable materials that can withstand heavy use. Your maintenance crew will thank you.
  • Themeing: Consider taking advantage of a themed playground or custom educational panels to reinforce faith-based teaching in fun ways.

Budgeting Resources for Religious Organizations


Not sure where to start when budgeting for your next playground? Look at our Budgeting Guide, which outlines all the budget areas that should be considered when purchasing a new playground.

There are many state and national grants available to fund playground equipment. Download our handy state-by-state grant guide to see what’s available in your area.

We have secured opportunities for non-profits to utilize national purchasing power through reputable purchasing cooperatives. Not only can you bypass the bidding process, but you can also (in most cases) receive discounts on our playground equipment if you purchase through the cooperative.

Take advantage of our seasonal playground sales! We offer popular playgrounds at discounts throughout the year.

Planning Tools

Make shopping for your next playground easier with the use of our planning tools.


Design Process

Learn about our design process and what steps you’ll take to build your playground.


Maintenance Plan

Download our Maintenance Guide so you can start creating your playground's maintenance plan.



Want to see all our playground equipment in one place? Check out our catalog.

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The Link Between Play and Child Development

Did you know that having fun on a playground can enrich a child’s cognitive development, strengthen muscles, encourage creativity, and develop social skills? It’s true. Because of the ways that they foster movement and decision-making capabilities, playgrounds are ideal environments for kids to learn important skills like flexibility, communication, and even compromise. That’s why adding a play environment to your faith-based center is a crucial way to boost appeal and value.

Ideas for Youth Ministries

Superior Playgrounds carries a diverse selection of play equipment, from simple outdoor play areas that are budget-friendly to themed structures to foster imagination. Each playground is designed with a certain age level in mind, so consider the ages of the children who will be using your playground before determining which style is best.

Other Recreational Equipment for Churches

In addition to play environments, our catalog includes a variety of other valuable outdoor recreation equipment like shade structures, outdoor furnishings, and outdoor pavilions.

Need help with selecting playground equipment?

Our knowledgeable sales representatives can help you pick playground equipment that is age-appropriate, suitable to the space available, and within budget.