Grants for Playgrounds

Looking for a grant for a playground? Do we have the tools and resources for you! Check out our tips and tricks below and then download our grant guide that outlines state-based and national grants for playgrounds. 

Tips to Land a Grant for Commercial Playground Equipment

You know the kids in your neighborhood or school could benefit from a playground, so what is holding you back? For most planning committees, it is the cost of commercial playground equipment and the preparation of the area. If you had the money, the playground would already be in place. In these instances, grants can give you the funds you need to purchase outdoor play equipment for your neighborhood, school, or community center. Here's how you can obtain a grant to add a play space to your area.

Have a Plan for Purchasing Commercial Playground Equipment

Before you apply for a grant program, it's a good idea to have a plan. Know what you are planning to buy and how much it will cost. Show how outdoor play equipment will benefit the people in your community. Shop for the equipment that would be the best for your community, so you know the exact cost of your playground project. With a well-written plan, you have a better chance of getting a grant for the funding you need.

Find a Grant for Playgrounds

Next, find a grant that specializes in providing money for playgrounds. There are a number of charitable organizations that focus their efforts on helping communities build playgrounds for their kids. Check out our Playgrounds Grant and Stimulus Guide to start your search for grant opportunities. 

Often these grants will be matching grants, so you will want to plan some fundraisers as well. The more money your group can raise, the more money you will get from the grant. The organizations that offer grants for playgrounds want to see that there is a community backing their money that will make use of the playground and work to take care of it.

Prepare and Submit Your Proposal

To apply for a grant request, you will need to submit a grant proposal to the organization that is offering the grant. Show why you need a playground, where it will be built, how you will maintain it, and how it will be used to better your chances of getting the grant. The more professional and detailed your grant proposal is, the better your chances of getting the money you need for commercial playground equipment. What's more, we can prepare renderings of the playground and pricing for the playground that can be used as visual aids for you to use in your proposal. This will show the funder exactly what they'd be funding should they accept your proposal.

Download a Grant Guide for Playgrounds

Our Playgrounds Grant and Stimulus Guide features local, regional, and national funding resources. This 134-page guide includes a state-by-state feature, allowing you to see exactly what playground funding is available in your state. Each grant source includes the name of the grant, the organization funding the grant, the award amount, the deadline for the grant, a brief synopsis, and a link to an online webpage where you can learn more. What are you waiting for? Request your FREE copy below.

Download the Grant Guide

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