Commercial Playground Equipment

From schools and parks to churches, we offer durable and affordable commercial playground equipment for children of all ages that allows them to grow and develop with unstructured play.

Selecting the Right Playground Equipment for Your Location


Our Adventure and Expedition play systems offer a more traditional playground with a conservative price. The Adventure Series is budget-friendly while still full of excitement. This series of playground equipment offers design flexibility to meet small space requirements, features integral shade options, and uses no clamps or collars. The Expedition Series features a sturdy design with 5-inch posts. It offers great flexibility in design options and is ideal for inclusive play designs. 

Our highly sought after themed playgrounds are surely something to talk about. We've designed everything from dueling pirate ships to rocket ships. There's no limit when designing a themed commercial playground. Our talented team of skilled professionals can work with you to bring your ideas to life. 

For a more environmentally-friendly option, our recycled playgrounds are made from recycled items like milk jugs and bags. Our recycled play structures are ideal for natural play or coastal environments. The decks, posts, and barriers utilize 100% recycled material. 

We also offer active, tower, and inclusive style play systems. No matter what style playground you’re looking for, let’s work together to provide a playground that’ll make children smile ear to ear.

Need help with selecting playground equipment?

Our knowledgeable sales representatives can help you pick playground equipment that is age-appropriate, suitable to the space available, and within budget.