Tips and Tricks to Playground Installation

SRP Playground provides playgrounds that are not only fun for children – they’re also easy for both professional installers and community builders to install.

If you’re doing a community build, here are some tips and tricks for playground installation! We always recommend at least one professional CPSI certified installer be on site to manage and supervise. This is to ensure your playground is installed correctly so that children can enjoy it safely for years to come! 

You can find complete play area installation instructions in your install packet that’s included when your playground parts are delivered.


Playground Site Preparation

Before you begin install, prepare the site for a number of items:
•    Utilize a utility-locating service to identify any underground lines before digging in the ground
•    Remove all asphalt, concrete, and other hard debris
•    Playground site must be graded as close to level as possible to create the safest environment possible
•    Make sure you have all necessary equipment and tools listed in the installation packet


Check Inventory

It’s important that you have all parts before starting the playground installation process. That’s why inventory should be taken with the main Packing List that ships with each project. Make sure all equipment is there and undamaged. 


Product Storage

When play equipment is received at a job site, it should be installed within a few days from receipt. We package the equipment to keep it safe and damage-free during shipment. However, the packaging materials are not suited for periods of extended storage in an uncontrolled environment. The combination of moisture from the environment mixed with the heat generated inside the plastic bag may cause damage to the finish of the powder-coated items. Any large sheets of polytone plastic (panels, arch bridge panels, slide hoods, etc.) need to be stored flat or well supported to prevent warping.


Installation Labels

SRP Playground will provide labels in the hardware box for each order that must be installed on each piece of play equipment to comply with ASTM and CPSI requirements. We have a warning label and a combined manufacturer ID/age-appropriate label. The warning label must be placed below the SRP Playground ID label. Where possible, these labels need to be installed in a visible, protected area at approximately four feet above the surfacing.


Build in a Radiating Fashion

We recommend installing your play structure in a radiating fashion. This means starting with a single post or deck assembly located at the core of the structure. This creates a base to build outward from.


Never Leave Site Unattended

Never leave the job site unattended without making sure all open holes are covered with a material such as plywood. Rope off all unfinished equipment to keep children away until the playground installation is complete.


Playground Safety Checklist

Once you have your playground installed, it’s important to make sure it stays safe for children to use, works properly, and keeps children from harm. Use our Playground Safety Checklist as your guide!


Let's go play!

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