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When kids play on the playground in a school, park or church, will they be safe? If you aren’t sure, have you gone through a proper playground safety checklist in order to ensure your structure works properly and protects against potential harm? If not, it’s time to do so. Because a playground is only as safe as its playground equipment, safety measures are vital in order to keep kids protected as they swing, slide and climb. With that in mind, here’s a look at what you need to know about how to be safe on a playground. Before letting little ones run around on your play structure, make sure you take these important precautions first!

Remove Debris

Whether it’s trash that’s blown into the playground from another area or broken glass from an accident that occurred at another time, any and all debris needs to be removed from a playground in order to protect against hazards. Pay special attention to cracks in plastic, rust in metal, and/or equipment with debris stuck to or hanging on it. Likewise, check for remnants of bugs or animals that may have been in the area.

Fix What’s Broken

From broken swings to results from vandalism, make repairs as needed. If there’s anything that’s broken, loose, cracked or corroded, it needs to be fixed before you let your kids on it to play. As fun and exciting as swings and poles can be, they’re accidents waiting to happen when they’re not properly maintained.

Ensure the Ground Is Solid

The surface of your playground is important; it creates the backdrop against which all play takes place. If there are dips, divots, gaps or loose areas in the ground, kids might fall or otherwise injure themselves. Take the time now to check for uniform surfaces, and level out any areas that could be dangerous.

It’s just as important to check your playground regularly as it is to inspect it the first time you set it up. Make it a goal to perform regular maintenance inspections, so that you don’t miss any new damages, loosened surface areas or other problems that need to be fixed. By staying on top of the condition of your playground, you’ll be able to rest easy, knowing kids are having fun in safe conditions.

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