Tuxedo Park

Tuxedo Park

Located west of Charlotte, Zirconia is a small town in North Carolina that was in need of a community park. The old and vacant Tuxedo Mill that had not been in use since 2000 was removed in order to make room for the new Tuxedo Park.

Through a joint community partnership, the county developed the park with the help of residents of the community. Residents helped raise funds while the county recreation department created the park around the needs of the community.

Construction of the first phase began in the fall of 2014 and included design of the land, trails, parking lots, flagpole, and signs. Phase II included the addition of the playground, which was completed in September 2017.

The county recreation department was in need of a playground that met the needs of the community. They were in search of park playground equipment that met the appropriate ages and developmental stages of all children. Cobie Ellington of Superior Recreation of the Carolinas, an SRP Certified Partner, was able to meet their needs and wants.

“The community felt the playground was one of the most important components of the new park,” Karen Saine of the Henderson County Parks and Recreation Department said. “It would offer a secure place for children to play and attract families to the new park.”