Riverside Park

Riverside Park

In partnership with Superior Recreation of the Carolinas, we replaced an old, wooden playground with a new steel play structure at Riverside Park in Mount Airy, N.C. The old structure was a 15-year-old playground that was in desperate need of repairs. Many parts had been replaced and others were still broken. Children's safety while playing on this structure was a big concern.

The existing playground was built and paid for by the community, so replacing it was a sensitive issue as some people were very opposed. To help ease tensions, the Mount Airy Parks and Recreation Department had a specific list of must-haves in choosing their new playground.

“We wanted to make sure to come back with a new and improved playground with the WOW factor. Interactive, bright colors, safe, durable, and something for everyone,” Assistant Director Darren Lewis said.

It was important to them that the new playground be fun, safe, have curb appeal, and add play value. And we provided them with just that! The Superior solution consisted of a play environment suitable for all ages! There’s a 2-5 structure, 5-12 structure, and numerous freestanding play elements. The new playground that was dedicated on July 1, 2016 was a huge success and very well received by the community.

“The community is very happy with the new playground and it has been a great addition to our park. The facility is safe, colorful, and offers lots of activity for kids of all ages,” Lewis said.

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