Ellis Park

The playground at Ellis Park in Salisbury, N.C. had served the community for over 25 years. While it provided ramp access, there was not anything else that encouraged inclusive play. Many elements were outdated and replacement parts were no longer available. The mulch surfacing was not ideal for wheelchairs and other mobility devices.

Needless to say, this playground was in need of an upgrade. Thanks to a grant won in 2017, Rowan County Parks and Recreation was able to upgrade this outdated playground into one that children of all abilities can use.

Our SRP Certified Partner, Southern Recreation of the Carolinas, worked with the Rowan County Parks and Recreation Department to design a themed inclusive playground. The design includes a large ramped structure with access to meaningful play activities, swing set with accessible seats, Inclusive Orbit, and poured-in-place surfacing. This playground helps to bring the community together.

“Ellis Park is a beacon of unity and connection for this community. The equipment that was previously here was over 25 years old and it was not accessible for any person with a disability. So there was a tremendous need for new playground equipment,” Therapeutic Recreation Supervisor Vernice Clyburn said.

Case Study

Check out our case study that gives an in-depth look into how Superior helped create unity and connection for this community.