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Save up to 45% off on playgrounds and select freestanding play!

45% off? Now, that's a steal! Shop our playground equipment sale to discover 27 playground units starting at just over $13,000. Our sale offers a variety of playground structures to cater to a variety of needs. We consider age range, budget, and even size restrictions to ensure you can find a playground for your space. Our sales are perfect for schools, child care facilities, apartment communities, housing associations, parks, and more! Planning your next playground update or install is easier with the help of deep playground discounts. Create a complete playground environment by taking advantage of our playground sale, shade sale, and site furnishing sale — all explorable below.



Why a Complete Playground Environment is Essential

  • Social Interaction: Social interaction is key to healthy living. Interacting with peers provides opportunities to explore feelings, express ideas, and develop oral skills, especially for children. Parks can provide ample opportunities for interaction through purchasing park benches and pavilions.
  • Exercise: Commercial recreation equipment encourages others to keep a healthy mind and body. Being able to easily access a park motivates others to exercise, allowing more people to live healthier lives.
  • Sun Protection: Shade is essential for satisfying park goers. Nearly five million people undergo treatment for skin cancer each year. Nearly 90% of non-melanoma skin cancers are due to exposure to UV radiation from the sun.

What Our Customers are Saying

“It’s been a fantastic thing and I’m so appreciative of the folks that listened and designed something that really meets the needs of Haynes-Inman,” -Principal Kevin Carr, Haynes-Inman Education Center


“Ellis Park is a beacon of unity and connection for this community. The equipment that was previously here was over 25 years old and it was not accessible for any person with a disability. So there was a tremendous need for new playground equipment,” -Vernice Clyburn, Therapeutic Recreation Supervisor, Ellis Park and Recreation


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Don't Forget Shade

Shade helps keep playground equipment cooler to the touch, and prevent children from getting a sunburn while they play outdoors.