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Kissimmee, Florida

SENSES Park in Kissimmee, Fla. was created to fulfill a great need in the community for an inclusive playground designed to cater to children with autism. This park playground provides a multi-sensory play space. It has different play quadrants that are unique to children of varying abilities and sensory needs. 

Children can play either individually or socially. Important features that were incorporated into SENSES Park are the colorful designs and components that promote sensory awareness. In the design process for this park, Superior Recreational Products teamed with Osceola County to make sure every aspect was all-inclusive and fully innovative. The structures are strategically spaced apart to allow for exploration and self-learning.

The play equipment in SENSES Park includes a compact play structure, independent events, Team Swing, Inclusive Orbit, musical play area, and picnic shelters. 

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