Mount Trotwood Park

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Winter Springs, Florida

Mount Trotwood Park, located in Winter Springs, Fla., is part of the city's Perk Up Parks Initiative. Through this initiative, the City of Winter Springs sought to focus on improving city parks and play areas to strengthen their surrounding community and the overall quality of life. Furthermore, the city places a high value on the importance of play. You can see this important value on play at Mount Trotwood Park.

Mount Trotwood Park is home to numerous recreational activities, including its newest playground, all with a theme of the Rocky Mountains. The city opted for two treehouse-themed playground structures that target different age groups, along with several climbing boulders and log tunnels. What's more, the city topped off this gorgeous design with poured in place surfacing with grass and river-themed designs and sail shades to provide relief from the hot Florida sun.

The treehouse playground structures are targeted for children aged 2-5 and 5-12. providing separate play areas for the playground's youngest and oldest users. Features of these park playgrounds are slides, climbing obstacles, nets, and much more! In addition to our steel playgrounds, the city also purchased our climbing boulders and log tunnel.

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