Isaac M. Wise Temple

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Cincinnati, Ohio

Isaac M. Wise Temple is a modern and vibrant Jewish community within Cincinnati, Ohio. Alongside our SRP Certified Partner, Walnut Grove Playgrounds, we created an outdoor play area at the Wise Center, a contemporary, suburban location to the congregation's traditional worship center in the heart of downtown Cincinnati. The Wise Center is home to a religious school that caters to even the congregation's youngest members.

The outdoor play area offers play opportunities for children between the ages of 2-12. The playground structure, our PS5-31664, features numerous slides and climbers, as well as a large shade to keep children cool. The play area also includes a shaded swing set, spinners, and musical instruments. To top off this play environment, the customer chose poured-in-place (PIP) surfacing, a beautiful surfacing option that has high wear resistance. 

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