Atascosa River Park

Atascosa River Park, also known as The River Park or Veterans Memorial Park, is located alongside the Atascosa River in Pleasanton, Texas. The park is home to large open spaces, several basketball courts, a splash pad, sports fields, and, of course, an awesome, themed playground provided by Superior Playgrounds. 

The park playground features two themed structures that cater to different age groups. The largest structure, designed for children ages 5-12 years, is a train fueling station that includes customized features like the wording "Pleasanton" on the fueling station and "Pleasanton Express" on the train. Additionally, this structure includes slides, overhead events, and climbing panels. The 5-12 play area also features plenty of freestanding play equipment like our Gravity Bowl and Spinner. 

The ages 2–5-year-old play area features a western theme structure with plenty of opportunities for dramatic play. The dramatic activity panels included are a Pony Express United States Mail panel, a "wanted" panel, and more! This structure is also packed full of climbing and sliding opportunities. The play area for 2–5-year-olds features themed spring riders, outdoor musical instruments, and swings that cater to all children's ages and abilities.

Not only is the new play area themed, but it is also made of recycled, environmentally friendly materials that offer the look and feel of wood without unwanted maintenance. The new park play equipment replaced a large, outdated wooden structure that needed constant maintenance.