Florida Playgrounds

Florida ranks second only to Alaska in total coastline, with 1,350 miles. That’s probably one reason why the Sunshine State has 164 state parks including Manatee Springs and the Florida Caverns in Jackson County. From parks to schools and more, Superior Playgrounds can provide children's play spaces that can thrive in Florida's warm, coastal weather.

Consider using a recycled playground! It's eco-friendly while also being durable. The recycled material is resistant to corrosion, which is perfect for coastal environments. Browse our Florida projects here for ideas for your location!

Siesta Key Beach
Palencia Park
William F. Sheffield Regional Park
Ron Parker Park
Bayfront Park
Bartram Springs Clubhouse Playground
Bartram Springs Neighborhood Park
Riverside Avenue Church
The Reserve at Greenbriar Playground
Vance Harmon Park
Altos Del Mar Park