Customized Design & Personalized Playgrounds

During childhood, having time to play is about more than having fun - it's about exploring the world, stretching growing muscles and using the imagination in new ways. Children need unstructured play in order to grown and develop into happy, healthy, well-adjusted people. That's why, at Superior Playgrounds, we offer customized, personalized commercial playground equipment that gives kids safe, high-quality and fun environments in which to play. Our commercial playgrounds can be customized in various ways with the style and colors that are right for you. We will assist you with every step of the design process in order to ensure your play structure best suits your needs and wants. Since our company's inception, we've been designing and installing commercial playground equipment for clients all over the world. What's more, we make most of our playgrounds ourselves, thanks to over 300,000 square feet of manufacturing space and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. We produce 95 percent of our products at our location in order to control safety standards and ensure the highest quality for our clients. When you buy a commercial playground from Superior Playgrounds, you know you're getting a safe, challenging and exciting environment in which kids can play. Thanks to a leading team of designers and engineers, we're able to manufacture the best play structures on the market. Contact us to learn more about our commercial playgrounds and how they can work at your site!