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Playground Equipment Built to Last

During childhood, making time for outdoor play is about more than having fun - it's about exploring the world, stretching growing muscles, and using imagination in new ways. Children need unstructured play in order to grow and develop into happy, healthy, well-adjusted people. That's why, at Superior Recreational Products, we offer quality commercial playground equipment that gives children of all ages and abilities safe and fun environments.

Our commercial steel products can be customized with the style and colors you want to make your ideal playground. From the steel posts and plastic components to activity panels, we offer a wide variety of color options. We will assist you with every step of the design process in order to ensure your steel playground structure best suits your needs. We can help with the selection of site amenities so you can customize the look and layout of your play space.

Why Choose Superior to Design Your Commercial Playground?

Since our company's inception, we've been designing and installing playground equipment for clients all over the world. What's more, we manufacture most of our play equipment ourselves, thanks to over 300,000 square feet of space and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. We produce 95 percent of our products at our Georgia location in order to ensure safety standards are the highest quality. We mold playground slides and components, we build steel swing set frames, we design complete play environments that children will enjoy for years.

When you buy commercial outdoor playground equipment from Superior Recreational Products, you're getting an exciting environment with the highest safety standards in which children can play. Thanks to a leading team of designers and engineers, we're able to manufacture top-quality playground equipment for churches, parks, and schools. When choosing a play structure, it helps to know you’ve got choices. This is why we offer custom designs and themed playground options. It’s also good to know that you’re protected. That’s why we offer a leading warranty on all of our products. Our product lines are made with durable steel posts and frames, and will last for many years.

Contact us to learn more about our steel park structures and how they can work at your site!

Let's go play.

Childhood is about More than Having Fun

It's about exploring the world, challenging growing muscles, and using imagination in new ways. It's proven that children need unstructured play to grown and develop into happy, healthy, and well-adjusted people. That's why at SRP, we help children grow by personalizing play. Are you ready?