Sustainability Playground Practices

sustainable playground materials

Environmental Sustainability Statement

At Superior Recreational Products, we strive to design sustainable products and use manufacturing practices that have a low impact on our environment, such as sourcing sustainable and recyclable raw materials. Some highlights of these sustainability practices are listed in this document.

Manufacturing Processes and Environment

In order to create minimal manufacturing waste, SRP has implemented many recycling and energy-reducing techniques. Our manufacturing leaders have created a powder coat primer reclaiming process reducing our primer waste by almost half. We have also installed high-efficiency light bulbs with motion sensors to reduce energy in low traffic areas of our facilities, and have reduced our natural gas usage by 43% in recent years and are continually in the process of improving our energy savings and looking for ways on how to reduce our carbon footprint.

Responsible Materials Sourcing

Many of our materials are made up of 20% or more post-consumer waste. Since most of our commercial recreational equipment is made up of steel or metal, many of our materials include 90 - 100% post-consumer waste. After many years of use, these products are also able to be recycled for a new purpose.

Dedicated Recycled Playground Equipment Line

Once known as R3, we now call it Recycled Playgrounds. Approximately 95% of our commercial recycled playgrounds are recycled. The decks, posts, and barriers are 100% recycled from post-consumer plastic products such as milk jugs. Our metal components are 90% recycled. Just because they’re recycled, doesn’t mean they aren’t reliable. We back it up with our playground warranty - one of the best in the recreation industry! The recycled lumber is created in a way to prevent deterioration from the sun and prevent rotting and splinters for several years. Recycled playgrounds can be designed for any age group and around all budgets!

How We Make Recycled Playgrounds

How to make a recycled playground

For more information on our sustainability practices, please download our sustainability statement PDF below. It includes all of the materials we use and the breakdown of percentages of recycled materials.

Popular Recycled Playgrounds

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