Model: TFR0659XX Inclusive Atom Spinner

Our Inclusive Atom Spinner is a 6-seat merry-go-round that features both inclusive seats and more challenging angled seating. This freestanding motion element is designed for children ages 2-12 years.

The Inclusive Atom Spinner is a reimagined merry-go-round that all children of all abilities can enjoy. This freestanding motion element is designed for children ages 2-12 years with a fall height of 14". The spinner features three inclusive seats at transfer height. The high-back seats, which are designed at a 10-degree slope, provide children who may need seated support the opportunity to safely spin with their friends. Additionally, handholds provide additional support. Three angled play surfaces make this spinner super cool and physically challenging. At 39 degrees, these angled play surfaces allow a child to use their imagination. They can lay or sit to enjoy the thrill of spinning on the Inclusive Atom Spinner. Spinning on the Inclusive Atom Spinner enhances vestibular stimulation, which is known to increase concentration, balance, and more. What’s more, this playground spinner also helps to build core and upper body strength and endurance. Socially, this spinner encourages cooperation and social skill development as children learn to take turns and spin others.


  • Playgrounds_CapacityAsset 18 Age Range: 2-12 Years
  • Playgrounds_Use ZoneAsset 17 Use Zone: 6'x9'
  • Playgrounds_CapacityAsset 18 Capacity: 6 Children
  • Playgrounds_Fall HeightAsset 20 Fall Height: 14"

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