Model: SRPFX-50372-01 SRPFX-50372

The SRPFX-50372 Marsh theme playground features a wide accessible ramp that provides access to meaningful play activities to children of all abilities.

The SRPFX-50372 Marsh themed playground features an wide ramp that provides access to meaningful play events. Children ages 5-12 will enjoy exploring the fun and challenging slides, climbers, and panels on this steel outdoor playground.


  • Playgrounds_CapacityAsset 18 Age Range: 5-12 Years
  • Playgrounds_Structure SizeAsset 19 Structure Size: 66'x40'
  • Playgrounds_Use ZoneAsset 17 Use Zone: 80'x48'
  • Playgrounds_CapacityAsset 18 Capacity: 104 Children
  • Playgrounds_Fall HeightAsset 20 Fall Height: 7'
  • Playgrounds_Timber HeightAsset 22 Estimated Timber Count: 61

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