Model: PS5-70243 PS5-70243

Bring children together to burn off some energy with the PS5-70243 commercial playground structure. With its interactive panels and bubble wall climber, the structure is perfect for children aged 5-12 to play together. Children can practice social skills and execute their physical play skills with each of the climbers attached to the structure.

With its interactive panels and fun climbers, this commercial playground structure makes playtime more exciting and active for children. The numerous decks will allow for endless exploration while children move from one part of the structure to the other. In addition, the tri-chute slide component allows for 3 children to slide at once! The overall size of the structure is 30 feet by 20 feet requiring a use zone of 42 feet by 32 feet and accommodating up to 36 children at one time. Choose bright colors for components for an inviting, creative look.


  • Playgrounds_CapacityAsset 18 Age Range: 5-12 Years
  • Playgrounds_Structure SizeAsset 19 Structure Size: 30'x20'
  • Playgrounds_Use ZoneAsset 17 Use Zone: 42'x32'
  • Playgrounds_CapacityAsset 18 Capacity: 36 Children
  • Playgrounds_Fall HeightAsset 20 Fall Height: 6'
  • Playgrounds_Timber HeightAsset 22 Estimated Timber Count: 31

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