Model: PS3-70615 PS3-70615

The PS3-70615 will get children 5-12 years old active and allows up to 30 children to enjoy play together.

This 25’ x 28’ playground structure is designed to get children between the ages of 5-12 years climbing and interacting. The structure is equip with a mountain climber, chain climbing wall, zig zag tri rung horizontal ladder and a spiral climber. In addition to the climbing features, the equipment has two sectional slides that reward children for maneuvering through the course to the slides. The interactive sonic spinner and pipe all allow children to interact and play together. This outdoor structure is perfect for your local recreational park or schools within your community.


  • Playgrounds_CapacityAsset 18 Age Range: 5-12 Years
  • Playgrounds_Structure SizeAsset 19 Structure Size: 25'x28'
  • Playgrounds_Use ZoneAsset 17 Use Zone: 37'x40'
  • Playgrounds_CapacityAsset 18 Capacity: 25-30 Children
  • Playgrounds_Fall HeightAsset 20 Fall Height: 8'
  • Playgrounds_Timber HeightAsset 22 Estimated Timber Count: 35

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