Model: PLD0018XX Inclusive Team Swing

The Inclusive Team Swing is a unique swing designed to promote social equity. Children of all abilities can swing back and forth on this unique and inclusive design.

The Inclusive Team Swing allows children of all abilities an opportunity to participate in a childhood favorite - swinging! The bowl-shaped design provides comfort and safety for children. Additionally, smaller children can swing with a friend for a unique swing experience. It has a use zone of 24' x 32'.


  • Playgrounds_CapacityAsset 18 Age Range: 2-12 Years
  • Playgrounds_Structure SizeAsset 19 Structure Size: 11'-4"x3'
  • Playgrounds_Use ZoneAsset 17 Use Zone: 24'x32'
  • Playgrounds_CapacityAsset 18 Capacity: 1-2 Children

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