Model: EFR0148XX Cantilever Swing

Our Cantilever Swing is an add-on swing option for our Single Post Swing Frame that gives children ages 6-23 or 24-47 months a swing opportunity without the need to buy a whole separate swing bay!

Our Cantilever Swing, an add-on swing option, is designed specifically for ages 6-23 or 24-47 months and allows customers to extend the play value of our Single Post Swing Frame. What makes this add-on swing such great value? For safety reasons, a single swing bay cannot have both a belt seat (designed for ages 2-12 years) and a bucket seat (designed for ages 6-23 or 24-47 months). In the past, if you wanted to offer swing opportunities to different age groups, you'd have to buy a second swing bay. Not anymore! What's more, this is a space-saving design and is a perfect solution for customers with small spaces.

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