Model: DD1508IG Daisy Dash Interactive Play

The Daisy Dash is an interactive game designed to get you moving! The Daisy Dash is an inclusive electronic play shade structure that allows children ages 2-12 years and children of all abilities to have fun together.

The Daisy Dash is a patented interactive game designed to get you moving! Play against the clock to touch each daisy sensor as it lights up. Whoever has the most touches at the end wins! Let's get your children ages 2-12 years moving with the Daisy Dash! See how many lights you can touch before the electronic clock runs out. This outdoor playground game is powered by simply turning the rotator on the leaf panel, which also starts the game. No pesky wires are required! What's more, this shaded electronic reactions game offers play for all children. Mobility devices can fit between shade posts and easily transfer from sensor to sensor. To top this great design off, we added a shade to keep the space underneath cool!


  • Playgrounds_CapacityAsset 18 Age Range: 2-12 Years

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