Playgrounds Budget Breakdown

While every commercial playground project is different, each of our steel playground clients can expect certain costs while planning for their new playground. Check out this great infographic to answer the age-old question, “What should I budget for?” Download our more in-depth budget breakdown and keep reading below.

budget planning


First, pick your playground equipment.

It's estimated that your playground equipment will comprise approximately 20%-50% of your playground budget. The cost of playground equipment will be mostly determined by the size and complexity of the structure you desire. A good place to start when picking your design is determining how many children you need to accommodate at one time. If you're a school and need to accommodate multiple grade levels at once, a larger structure and several independent play pieces might be right for you. If you are a housing community, perhaps a smaller structure and swings are the perfect fit. In addition to the size and quantity of your equipment, materials will also play a factor in price. For example, steel playground equipment is less expensive than a playground made of recycled materials. Are you budget-conscious? We have playground sales throughout the year.

After you've selected your equipment, we'll ship it to you.

Freight will take up about 7%-15% of your budget. Your freight rate will be determined by factors such as time of year, your location, current fuel rates, and the size of the equipment you ordered.

It's arrived! Time to install your playground.

About 22%-40% of your budget will go towards installation. A good insider tip? Always add a cushion to your installation budget in case of unforeseen circumstances. Your installation budget should not only include the actual installation of the playground but also all site preparation work (like grading, etc.).

Once your playground is installed, it's time to add surfacing.

Depending upon the surfacing you have chosen, you can expect about 20% to 90% of your budget to go towards this final touch. Why such a large range? Different surfacing options vary in cost. For example, a poured-in-place surfacing is one of the most expensive options you can choose (compared to engineered wood fiber, which is the cheapest). When deciding what surfacing option is best for your site, think about accessibility and maintenance.

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