Playground Slides

When it comes to playground components, you can’t go wrong with a playground slide! Children love to play on plastic playground slides for hours. Superior Playgrounds offers stand-alone commercial playground slides and component-style play structure slides that are attached to playground decks. All slides that we design and manufacture meet or exceed all industry safety standards to keep children safe while sliding into fun.

Choose from one of our Chute styles, Double Sectional, Tri-Chute, Alpine Thunder, Spiral, Tube, Over and Under, or any of our other playground slide styles. All of our component playground slides include the slide, slide hood, and necessary stainless steel hardware. Choose from several rotationally molded plastic color options.

It’s important to replace slides when they are worn to prevent surface injuries to children and clothing. Replacing old components can also extend the life of your aging playground structure without replacing it with a new one. To ensure that your replacement slide will fit your current playground, be sure to call us at 800.327.8774 or contact your local sales representative to aid in this process.

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