Playground Color Options

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One of the most fun parts of purchasing new playground equipment is selecting the colors. With so many color options, your color scheme options are virtually endless!


Plastic Colors

Our plastic colors may be applied to any roto-molded plastic playground part, including our roofs, slides, climbers, and crawl tubes.

Solid Core Activity Panel & Panel Colors

Our solid core activity panel and panel color options may be applied to any product made from our HDPE paneling. These products include activity panels, barrier panels, and even some of our climbers.

Sandwich Core Activity Panel Colors

Our sandwich core activity panel color options may be applied to any of our activity panels.

Powder Coat Metal Colors

Our powder coat colors may be applied towards our steel posts, post caps, railings, steel climbers, swings, and other steel playground equipment. The majority of our colors are glossy, with the exception of four matte or metallic colors. Our matte or metallic colors are marked with an asterisk (*).

Steel Deck Colors

Our steel deck colors apply to any decking and stairs for our steel playgrounds.

Recycled Deck & Post Colors

Our recycled deck and post colors are available for any of our themed, recycled playground structures. These colors will apply to any recycled decking, posts, climbers, barriers, stairs, or bridges.

Ascend Rope Climber Net Colors

Our Ascend Rope Climber cable colors apply to any net climber within our Ascend Rope Climber product line.

Shade Fabric

Our shade fabric blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays, depending upon the color you’ve chosen. This selection of colors is available for any of our integrated playground shades.

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