North Florida School of Special Education

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Jacksonville, Florida

The North Florida School of Special Education (NFSSE), located in Jacksonville, gives students with intellectual and developmental differences an academic and therapeutic environment where they can learn and thrive.

While the school is open for students ages 6-20, the school created an outdoor play environment targeted towards their students aged 6-12. Besides the large, central playground structure, our PS3-70432-1, the school incorporated plenty of freestanding playground equipment such as our Team Swing, a see-saw, and balancing and jumping activities.

Our PS3-70432-1 primarily focuses on physical play development, with opportunities to slide, practice balance, and climb. What’s more, the unit features two large playground shades to protect students from the harsh, Florida sun. The school chose to pick their school colors – blue and green – for their playground.

Among the freestanding play activities is our Team Swing, which allows students of all ability, especially those who may use a mobility device, a chance to swing. The school also chose plenty of ground-based balancing and jump activities like our Mushrooms, Tree Slices, and Stepping Turtles. Additionally, our Flower musical instruments were included. What’s special about these instruments is that there are no wrong notes, providing beautiful music every time, and these instruments are wheelchair accessible.

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