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Bay City, Texas

LeTulle Park in Bay City, Texas is a 32-acre park characterized by wildlife (including alligators!), a lake, wide-open spaces, and one of the largest strands of Heritage Oak trees in the state. Named after Victor LeTulle, a rice farmer, who donated the land for the park in the 1930s, the city of Bay City decided to honor the land's farming heritage by creating an agricultural themed destination playground.

The city opted for multiple barn-themed play structures that target children of different ages and abilities. The largest structure, which accommodates children ages 5-12, is a ramped structure design providing equitable play to the people of Bay City. The smallest barn structure is designed for children ages 2-5, allowing them a safe place to explore that is separate from older children. The park also boasts a tractor where children can drive and slide and swings. What's more, the design is made from environmentally-friendly materials, further enhancing the agricultural theme.

This park playground is truly one for the books. The city, alongside Superior Recreational Products and partner Krafstman, spared no detail ensuring this playground provided equitable play for all children. 

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