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Inclusive Playground Design

Superior Playgrounds believes a playground should address the needs of all children, even those with limited abilities. To include children of all abilities, it's essential to design and install play environments that encompass playground components which allow children to develop their physical, social, sensory, and cognitive skills. From ADA ramps and handrails to fun activity panels that entice the senses, all playgrounds should have these traits. This ensures children of all abilities have a great play experience.

Benefits of Community Playgrounds

The benefits of bringing your community together with an inclusive playground are immeasurable on a social, physical, and emotional spectrum. When a child has physical challenges that prohibit him or her from entering and engaging with a traditional playground through ladders, stairs, etc., it hinders his or her right to simply play and be a child. Offering a playground for everyone to enjoy allows children to engage with other children of different abilities and backgrounds, which helps develop crucial social, physical, and emotional skills. So it only makes sense to invest in creating a play environment that prepares future generations to communicate and engage with people with different abilities other than their own.

What is an Inclusive Playground?

Inclusive play and accessible play have two different meanings. Inclusive means the user has the ability to engage with every part of the playground no matter if he or she is bound by wheelchair or not. Accessible is the interpretation that if a child is in a wheelchair, the child is able to access some of the events in the playground environment.

Designing a Special Needs Play Environment:

  1. Access points: Provide multiple access points for children of all abilities
  2. Integration: Include play events that all children are able to engage with whether they are bound by wheelchair or not
  3. Variety: Sensory and other activity play events encourage communication and interaction with each other

inclusive playground components

Featured Case Study and Installation:

Haynes-Inman Case Study
Aransas Pass Community Playground

Free-Standing Play Equipment that Welcomes Children of All Abilities

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