Inclusive Play

The benefits of bringing your community together with an inclusive playground are immeasurable. Inclusive play environments provide unique opportunities for individuals of all ages and abilities to engage in their right to play. Outdoor play environments that break down both physical barriers to access and social barriers to participation can unite communities in meaningful ways.

Browse some of our inclusive play products below. These products offer designs that intentionally support child development, health, and emotional well-being. Additionally, they promote social equity and positive community culture. When selecting products, be sure to choose products for children who not only have physical disabilities but also sensory, communicative, social-emotional, and cognitive disabilities. For a more detailed view of this area, visit the following page about designing for children of all abilities, complete with case studies.

Intergenerational Playground Equipment

When planning your inclusive playground environment, consider adding intergenerational, or multigenerational, playground equipment. This type of playground equipment brings people of all ages and abilities together. Consider our See Me Swing, Daisy Dash, or our outdoor fitness equipment.