How to Buy Our Playground Equipment

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Does bidding make you dizzy?

Let’s talk about the different ways to purchase a playground or, really, any of Superior's recreation equipment. To aide your decision-making process, we have provided a few ways you can purchase Superior commercial playground equipment.


Cooperative Purchasing Programs & Leasing Programs

We've done all the elbow work to ensure we make it easy for you to buy our equipment. We've taken away that lengthy buying process by having contracts with the below organizations. 

What are the benefits of using buying cooperatives?

  • Competitive pricing through leveraging the purchasing power of public agencies
  • Save time and money because the competitive procurement process has already been completed
  • Trusted source to purchase because these cooperatives are competitively solicited and publicly awarded
  • Opportunities for all entities, including schools, municipalities, local and federal agencies, and more
NASPO ValuePoint
The NASPO ValuePoint Cooperative Purchasing Organization is available to all public agencies, institutes of higher education, political subdivisions, and, in some cases, non-profit organizations in states who have obtained a NASPO ValuePoint Participating Addendum.
BuyBoard is an online purchasing cooperative that gives its customers access to thousands of items that have gone through a competitive procurement process. Members include school districts, cities, counties, universities, other governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations.
HGACBuy is a government operated purchasing cooperative that any state or local government can use to acquire goods without an extended bidding process. Superior has been fully evaluated and approved as a supplier.
GSA Advantage!
GSA Advantage! is an online cooperative purchasing program that provides access to thousands of products and services. State and local government entities can take advantage of this buying power to get you the best value and price.
Navitas Credit Corporation
Navitas Credit Corporation is a nationwide direct lender with a focus on small and medium sized businesses. Navitas provides capital in the form of leases and loans to assist businesses in acquiring the equipment and financing they need to grow and stay competitive.

Reseller Network

Our Certified Partners have extensive knowledge and training in all Superior products. You can also expect for the installation process to be top notch. With a Certified Partner, you can trust that you’ll be provided with the best customer service and high-quality products that will allow you to play, relax, and live.

Grant and Stimulus Resources

What many organizations don’t realize is that there are hundreds of grants available, many of which they may be eligible to apply for. Every year, we round up all of the playground grants we can find for our customers to take advantage of. For a current listing of these grants, click below.

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