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We know purchasing new playground equipment requires a lot of planning and access to funds. Superior Recreational Products provides a variety of playground funding options to help you achieve a play environment that meets the needs of your community. Not only do we offer a FREE state-by-state grant guide, we also offer our Partnerships For Play program. Our Partnerships For Play program consists of two resources: matching funds catered towards schools and child cares and a crowdfunding guide. 


Matching Funds Grant Program

Partnerships For Play

In an effort to provide better play opportunities for children attending school and child care, Superior Recreational Products offers a matching funds program between the months of August and December (August 1 to December 31). Eligible schools and child cares may apply to become a partner in play and receive matching funding towards their next recreational equipment purchase. During the application window, schools and child cares may apply through our application link on this page. These grants are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

What are the details?

Our Partnerships For Play Matching Funds  Program is available for eligible schools and child cares throughout the United States. If approved, you can receive up to 100% matching funds towards the purchase of select play structures.

  1. Only Some Structures are Eligible: After applying, you may pick from twelve pre-designed structures. These twelve structures are available in our Adventure (3.5" post) series style, include all age ranges, and are valued at $45,000 or more.
  2. Newer Customers are Welcome: To ensure play opportunities for all, this program is only available to new customers or existing customers who have not purchased a Superior playground structure in the past 10 years.
  3. More Details: This program may not be combined with any other promotional offer. Additionally, installation, safety surfacing, freight, and taxes are not included or covered in this program. View our terms and conditions at the bottom of this page.

Our application will be available on this page during the months of August through December. Check back soon to apply!


Crowdfunding Made Easy

Partnerships For Play

Planning a successful crowdfunding campaign for a new commercial playground project can be difficult and time-consuming. We have broken down that process to make it easy for you! As part of our Partnerships For Play program, we've developed a FREE crowdfunding guide created to help you design and raise money for your playground project. The platform works with you and your SRP Certified Partner to plan and execute a successful crowdfunding campaign for your project.

How does it work?

The campaign has a four-phase structure to collect important information through planning, recruiting, engagement, and execution. From start to finish, this process takes place over the time frame of 8 weeks to create a successful crowdfunding campaign for your commercial playground.

  1. Planning: Set clear goals for your campaign. We work closely with you and your SRP Certified Partner to set up clear campaign goals and your crowdfunding site.
  2. Recruiting: Build awareness through soft launch. Host events such as a PTA launch party or pep rally to excite parents and students. You could even have your SRP Certified Partner come out to present!
  3. Engagement: Time to launch your campaign. Through multiple touchpoints, you launch your campaign to the community through printed posters, emails, social media, etc.
  4. Execution: Create hype to raise big funds. Different ways to create hype would be to offer prizes for money amounts raised, press releases, etc. News coverage has often worked for past projects!

Let's get started raising funds! Download your FREE guide today by clicking the button below or use the form to contact a representative to gain access to insider tips and knowledge on how to get funds for your next playground.

Terms & Conditions
To qualify for up to 100% matching funds, the customer must choose an eligible playground structure valued at $45,000 or more. Eligible structures include pre-designed Adventure (3.5") series structures. All applications and structures will be reviewed and approved by Superior Recreational Products. Superior Recreational Products reserves the right to decline any application and while many will apply, only few grants are available. Payment must be made in full upon receiving your order. Orders accepted by Superior Recreational Products must ship to coincide with normal lead times. This program may not be combined with any other promotional offer. Additionally, installation, safety surfacing, freight, and taxes are not included or covered in this program.

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