Ascend Rope Climbers

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Our Ascend Rope Climbers bring rope-based climbing to children ages 5-12. The collection not only includes freestanding rope climbers but play systems as well. These exciting new climbers are perfect for parks and other playgrounds and allow children to stay active while challenging their climbing capabilities. With over 25 design options, discover one that will fit both your space requirements and budget.

Ascend Rope Climbers

What's truly unique about our Ascend Rope Climbers collection is that we have two climbing options: freestanding net climbers or whole net play systems! Our rope play activities allow you to race, whirl, ascend, and conquer right on the playground.

Ascend Rope Climbers

Durable and Soft Rope

Our Ascend Rope Climbers feature some of the toughest and most durable cabling — a whole 20mm in diameter to be exact. Our 20mm rope is made from six galvanized steel reinforcing cables weaved around a core to create a rope unlike any other. What's more, we add a nylon cable coating and UV protectants to protect our net climbing systems and to ensure they are resistant to fading, wearing, and fraying. What's left is a durable and strong rope that's soft to the touch.

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