XL Fitness Package

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The XL Fitness Package includes 16 pieces of the FitTech collection and offers 20+ different exercises. Ideal for every fitness level, your community will not be disappointed with the investment you have made! Designed for ages 13 and up. 

Minimum space needed: 1,975 sq ft.

Mounting options: Surface, Footing, In-ground

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Series: Independent Play: Physical Fitness

Included in the XL Fitness Package

• Plyometric Box (12 inch)
• Plyometric Box (18 inch)
• Balance Plank Station
• Balance Board Station
• Plyometric Box Station  Package
• Balance Plank Station  Package
• Balance Board Station  Package
• MultiGym
• Chest Press
• Cardio Walker
• Hand Cycle
• Leg Extension
• Recumbent Cycle
• Sit-up/Back Extension
• Upright Cycle
• Captain’s Chair
• Lat Pull Down
• Leg Press
• Elliptical

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