Tuned Drums

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Our Tuned Drums are great for cultivating fun and creativity in children. They come as a set of five. The tallest drum makes the deepest sound, while the shortest makes the highest sound.

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Our Tuned Drums can be arranged and installed in any location and pattern. They make a perfect addition to any outdoor music park and have a distinct Afro-Cuban influence. Our Tuned Drums have many options including both adult and toddler sizes and a colorful or natural color scheme. Each drum features a different height, which varies by age group, and a different diameter including a 15", 12", 10", 8", and 6" option.

Quick Highlights:

  • Low to high tuning
  • Sizes: adult and toddler
  • Set of 5 drums


Accessible: Wheelchair Accessible Series: Independent Play: Musical Play

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