Spider Pyramid 6-6 Net Climber Structure

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The Spider Pyramid 6-6 Net Climber Structure adds a unique climbing experience to any play environment. With its durable six-strand steel core rope, it will provide a durable and remarkable experience for all users.

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Fall Height: 6' Fall Height Series: Independent Play: Climbing Use Zone: 50' x 50' Use Zone

Our Spider Pyramid 6-6 Net Climber is made out of six-strand steel core rope that won't stretch with use. The rope is also safe for children as it's soft to the touch and provides great visibility for adult supervisors. Children will have fun exploring while they develop full-body muscle strength, confidence, and coordination. The netting is available in black and the center post color is subject to change. This climber has a fall height of 6' and a use zone of 50 ft. x 50 ft.

Quick Highlights:
Age range: 5-12
Use zone: 50 ft. x 50 ft.
Fall height: 6 ft.

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