Dual ADA Chest Press with Comfort Seat

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The Dual ADA Chest Press outdoor fitness equipment builds upper body strength and endurance. Users can remain seated in their wheelchair or on the well-designed Comfort Seat for support and built-in hand grips. Designed for ages 13 and up.

Mounting options: Surface, Footing, In-ground

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Series: Independent Play: Physical Fitness

Help users build strength and endurance in their upper body with the Dual ADA Chest Press. To use equipment, remain in a wheelchair or use the Comfort Seat and push forward for a challenging and enjoyable workout.

• Offered in a metallic and black color scheme to match any outdoor aesthetic
• ADA Accessible
• 18" wide Comfort Seat with built-in hand grips
• Rust-resistant coating on steel surface
• Vandal-resistant
• Freestanding instructional 

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