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The Contrabass Chimes provide your outdoor playground with an architectural element with its towering appearance, while also being fun for children! These playground chimes create low resonant tones that are pitched one octave below C major to create deep sounds similar to a gong. It creates a fun outdoor musical play experience that children will enjoy.

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The chimes feature steel powder coated support poles, anodized aluminum chimes, and stainless steel hardware. The chimes can be sold as a set or individually. The set includes seven chimes and two mallet poles. The chimes are all different sizes and numbered from longest #1 to shortest #7. Each mallet pole includes two mallets attached with steel cables. We recommend arranging the chimes in an arc because it creates a nice surround-sound effect, however, they can be laid out however you like such as a wave or straight line. The musical chimes can be installed in-ground or surface mounted. The spacing between chimes and mallet poles must be 18" between each chime and 11" between each mallet pole and chime.

Chime Layout Ideas:

  • #6, #4, mallet pole, #2, #1, #3, mallet pole, #5, #7
  • #1, #2, mallet pole, #3, #4, #5, mallet pole, #6, #7

Quick Highlights:

  • C major pentatonic
  • Powder coated steel support posts
  • Anodized aluminum chimes
  • Stainless steel hardware


Accessible: Wheelchair Accessible Series: Independent Play: Musical Play

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