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Longboat Key, Florida

Superior and our SRP Certified Partner, Advanced Recreational Concepts, designed a new playground for Bayfront Park in Longboat Key, Fla. as part of a total park renovation that started in June 2016. The existing playground was removed, updated, and placed at a local church in need instead of going to a landfill. 

With sustainability in mind, the customer chose a Sea Side themed recycled playground because it's environmentally-friendly and able to withstand coastal environments as it's resistant to corrosion. 

The play structure is designed for children between 2-12 years old and features four slides, four climbers, and play panels at deck and ground level. A thatch roof, flip-flop climber, and themed panels help to bring the sea-side theme to life. The 2-bay arched swing set includes belt seats for older children and bucket seats for younger children.

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