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Dasmen Residential is a young and growing real estate investment firm based in Suffern, N.Y. They own and operate multi-family properties in major cities across the United States. Within the Charlotte, N.C. area, they had multiple apartment complexes that were in need of family-friendly outdoor amenities. 

“We believe in living better and living different,” Sara Jamshidi Digital Marketing Manager at Dasmen Residential said. “This means that our residents have all the amenities they need to make their entire family (pets included) happy! Our ultimate goal is ensuring our residents love where they live.”

Many of their properties had old and outdated playgrounds that needed upgrading. Dasmen Residential began working with our SRP Certified Partner, Henoch Geweritz of SR Play, in 2018. So far they have completed a dozen playground and dog park projects. 

Specifically, they wanted their playgrounds to provide a “wow” element within their properties. They’ve chosen a combination of steel playgrounds, swing sets, independent play items, and dog parks to accommodate both families and their pets. 

Case Study

Check out our case study that gives an in-depth look into how SR Play and Superior helped attract family-friendly residents to these Charlotte, N.C. communities.

SomerStone Estates
Pineville Place
HillRock Estates
Andover Woods

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