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Slides: Past to Present

Playground Slides from Past to Present

If you compare playgrounds of the past to current playgrounds, you will notice many differences. Although they include some of the same components, the modern playground has become vastly different from the ones of the past. We wanted to give you a view of how playgrounds and slides, in particular, have changed over time.

Playgrounds of the Past

The playgrounds people grew up with in the past were simple, consisting of just a few pieces. You would probably find a slide, a swing set, and possibly a couple of other pieces, such as a seesaw. The playground slide, in particular, was probably a ladder and a metal slide that went straight down to the ground. Every playground had the same slide design.

How Playgrounds and Playground Slides Have Changed

Over time, playgrounds have become much more elaborate than the ones of the past. Some of the pieces are the same, such as the slide and the swings, but they have been modified and updated. Other pieces are new to create a contemporary playground that focuses on play and learning.

At the end of the 1960s, playgrounds started to change. This came about because of playground injuries, which caused lawsuits and a feeling that schools needed to focus more on safety in the playground.

Gradual changes included making the pieces out of different materials and changing their design. Instead of the same playground slide design everywhere, slides started to come in differing lengths and with various design shapes. They are often now made of plastic instead of metal. This provides a safer play surface and also makes it easier to create a variety of shapes, such as tubes. Over time, playground slides were also incorporated into playground equipment with a post and deck style instead of being freestanding units.

Current Playground Slide Selections at SRP Playgrounds

You can see how far playground slides have come in the selection we offer at SRP Playgrounds. You will see a selection of fun modifications to the straight slide design from the past, although we offer that too. Our selection includes 90- and 360-degree slides, tube slides, chute slides and wave slides. Our slides are crafted of plastic instead of metal.

We also offer slides with different sections so more than one child can slide down at once as they enjoy each other's company or race each other down to the ground. Check out the pictures on the slides page of our website to see our selection and to get a better idea of how children can enjoy each slide design. Contact a local representative to order one of our innovative slide designs.

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